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Andrzej Chyra INSULTS Minister Gliński. Vulgar entry – pudelek.pl




Andrzej Chyra does not bite his tongue when politics becomes the main topic. This time, the actor commented in unrefined words on the recent actions of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. Do you think Piotr Gliński will respond to him with a lawsuit?

Andrzej Chyra

is one of the stars who do not hide their dislike for the rule of the United Right. The actor has repeatedly emphasized in interviews that Jarosław Kaczyński’s party should be removed from power as soon as possible. He hopes this will happen any day now.

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Andrzej Chyra about the political situation in Poland

This year, by the way


parliamentary meetings, Chyra spoke even more often about politics. He became especially active after the march, which, among others,

Donald Tusk

organized in Warsaw on June 4. Like many other opposition supporters, he felt then that changes were actually possible.

Poland is falling apart, we have gone back 8 years, maybe even more.

When it comes to politics, I try to choose what is close to me and where I feel effective.

On June 4, we had a demonstration of some effectiveness and this effectiveness of politicians on the opposition side depresses all those who are not so effective

– he said then in an interview for “Wprost”.

Chyra willingly comments on the current socio-political situation in Poland not only in interviews, but also on social media.


Chyra complains about artists’ pensions: “THEY ARE HURTING POVERTY”

Andrzej Chyra attacks Minister Gliński

This time, a screenshot of an article on OKO.press appeared on the actor’s Instagram story. The headline says that Piotr Gliński, the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, has appointed new heads of cultural institutions for long terms in his final term of office.

Andrzej Chyra did not bite his tongue and captioned the news with two words:

F***ing broken

– we read.

Did he overdo it?

Source: pudelek.pl

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