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Andrzej Chyra in harsh words about Piotr Gliński. He didn’t bite his tongue


Andrzej Chyra he has been openly criticizing the rule of Law and Justice for several years. In interviews, he has often emphasized that PiS should be removed from power, and the opposition has a strong enough position to do so. Even before the elections, in an interview for “Wprost” he said:

“We are subjected to a severe test, Poland is falling apart, we have gone back 8 years, maybe even more. When it comes to politics, I try to choose what is close to me and where I feel effective. On June 4, we had a demonstration of some effectiveness and this effectiveness of politicians on the opposition side depresses all those who are not so effective. I have the feeling that we still do not understand that the most important thing is to remove PiS from power as effectively as possible.“.

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Andrzej Chyra with a vulgar entry about Piotr Gliński. He commented briefly

Andrzej Chyra often shares posts about current events on his social media profiles. Recently, on Instagram, he drew attention to the activity of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage – Piotr Gliński. On InstaStories, the actor shared an article from the OKO.press portal, which states that Before leaving office, Minister Gliński appointed several heads of the institutions subordinated to him for long-term terms. Chyra decided to add a short, vulgar comment to the message.

– he wrote.

Andrzej Chyra


Andrzej Chyra

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