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And yet it’s true about Wilfredo Leon. Łukasz Kaczmarek confirms. “Despite the pain, you fought in the finals”


Polish volleyball players won in phenomenal style European championship, defeating the Italians 3-0. What’s more, it was to the “Red and White” camp the tournament MVP award went to. He received the distinction Wilfredo Leon, who often scared his rivals with his strong and precise serve during the competition. After everything he answered the question, to whom the gold medal is dedicated.

First, God. Secondly, my family, who really was with me all the time and encouraged me by telling me that I had to do it, that I was great and that I could do it. And in third place I put every person who was around me, as well as everyone who kept their fingers crossed for me and the team

~ – he conveyed.

He also made a bow towards Nikola Grbic. He emphasized how important his decisions were and that they largely led the team to the top step of the podium. “He is a coach who holds the entire team very tightly. This is not a job where you can sit down and say: ‘Okay, they will play on their own.’ No, there is constant pressure from him and he constantly tells us what he is working on. we still have to work, he points out our shortcomings. I we have the effect of medals“- he explained.

He immodestly did not mention his significant contribution. A teammate did it, Łukasz Kaczmarek.

Wilfredo Leon MVP of the European Championship. Here are his best moves. VIDEO/Polsat Sport/Polsat Sport

A touching thank you letter from Łukasz Kaczmarek to Wilfredo Leon. “An outstanding volleyball player, an even better person”

Łukasz Kaczmarek, via social media, distinguished Wilfredo Leon i warmly congratulated him on the European Championship MVP title. “I am incredibly happy that you received this statuette. You deserved this distinction like no one else, after the journey you took in the national team last year,” he began.

After how many sacrifices it took to get back to full health

~ – he added.

Thus, Kaczmarek recalled his friend’s fight to regain full strength. Last year Leon had to undergo knee surgery. Later, he implemented rehabilitation, which brought results, but Nikola Grbic still decided not to call him up for the World Cup. The player did not hide his bitterness, but he finally came to terms with this turn of events.

Now he performed fantastically in the European Championship final. It would be difficult to imagine the team without him in the lineup. The fans looked with even greater horror at the moment when he asked for a substitution and sat on the bench. There were concerns about next health problems. Fortunately, the injury turned out to be minor and the volleyball player quickly returned to play.

Łukasz Kaczmarek somehow confirms that Leon faced some inconvenience during the match. In the entry he describes that Wilfredo “He fought in the final very heartily despite the pain” And he ends on a very positive note. He gives a touching thank you to his friend.

“It’s a great pleasure to share the pitch with you. You are an outstanding volleyball player (the best in the history of this sport), and an even better personyou can always count on. Thank you,” he concluded.

Aleksander Śliwka and Łukasz Kaczmarek/Piotr Matusewicz/EastNews

Wilfredo Leon/Piotr Hukalo/EastNews

Wilfredo Leon and Bartosz Bednorz after the European Championship final/ Andreas SOLARO/AFP


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