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Ancelotti: Vinícius and Rodrygo are back


[ABC] Is this the team’s best game of the season? And if you recently said that you were unfair to Brahim, could you also be unfair to Lunin?
[śmiech] I don’t know how to answer whether I was unfair… Of course, when you have staff at this level, in my job I sometimes have to be unfair to someone. For example, today Luka Modric could have easily played from the beginning, but he stayed on the bench and added his contribution after coming on. Unfortunately, this is my job, sometimes I have to choose and it’s not always that easy. It was the best match, yes, the best played, because Valencia did not show their best level, because we played a great match. Apart from the first 15 minutes where we could have defended a little better, after that the game was perfect.

[SER] I want to ask about the match between Vinícius and Rodrygo, who were slightly overshadowed by Bellingham at the beginning of the season. How do you rate them? Are they already at the level of last season?
Yes, they are both back to their best level. They just needed time to get back to expressing their best skills. They did great in the last two games, played very well, looked for space and played at an extraordinary level. So yes, I can say they are back.

[COPE] It was the third match in 6 days. We needed a win before the break, but also a good image after the defeat against Rayo. You seem to have shown that Real have a goal and that Real can play without Bellingham. I would also like to ask if Jude will go to the national team training camp?
Yes, he’s on his way to be examined. I think he will come back soon, because if he didn’t play today, he can’t play for the national team either. He needs to do specific work to strengthen his shoulder and will do so in the coming weeks. I think he can come back to the game after the break. What else did you ask… Oh, no, in my opinion we played the last three matches very well. All three. We lacked some effectiveness against Rayo, but in the next two matches we were a complete team. We played good football, with quality, with solidity, with dedication, with commitment… These three home matches were well played.

[Onda Cero] Girona won again today. This time in Vallecas, where no one has it easy. They have 2 points over you after 13 rounds. There is a lot of talk that Girona will eventually swell, but the same was said about Leicester and they won the Premier League. Do you think Girona can be like Leicester?
[uśmiech] Girona is doing very well, better than others. We must also remember that Girona does not have European cups and can compete in all league matches. This is obviously a rival that can fight for the championship. Without a doubt, I have no doubt about it.

[OkDiario] Aside from the goal, how important is Carvajal to this team? On and off the pitch.
Carvajal has experience in his position. He is a very, very, very good full-back with and without the ball. He interprets his position perfectly. He also scored spectacular goals with the ball. I think we have a very good play on the flanks, combining Rodrygo with Carvajal on the right and Vinícius with Brahim on the left. We won the match offensively there.

[AS] Is Camavinga currently playing his best minutes at Real as a defensive midfielder?
I think Camavinga does well in all the positions I put him in. It is clear that he is most used to playing as a defensive midfielder and in these last games in Tchouaméni’s absence he has shown his best level in this position.

[Radio MARCA] I want to ask about the changes. You took a 4-0 lead in the 50th minute, but in the end you gave Joselu and Paz only 8-10 minutes. I don’t know if you planned it that way? What are the reasons? Why didn’t they get more minutes after the 4-0 goal?
Because I think the match is over when the referee blows his whistle. So I try to do things to win the game. When it’s 4-0, the game is never over for me.

[The Athletic] You said this was the team’s best match of the season. Is this also Vinícius’s best match individually?
Yes. I think Vinícius did great, as did Rodrygo. But I single out the work of the team, including Vinícius and Rodrygo and everyone else. You prefer to evaluate individual work, I prefer to evaluate collective work. Today the collective did great.

[DAZN] I saw that you smiled a lot during changes at Mendy, Brahim and Vinícius. Can you tell us what you told them when they went to the bench?
Vinícius said he wanted to play more. I told Brahim not to swear because I don’t like it. [dop. red. – Ancelotti powiedział w sprawie Brahima „no haga tacos”, co niektórzy interpretują jako niegranie piętkami, ale pięta to „tacón”, a przekleństwo to właśnie „taco”, dlatego ostatecznie wybraliśmy to tłumaczenie; powód jest też w logice, bo jak trener ma obrażać się na grę piętami]


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