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Some questions, although seemingly simple, seem to be very troublesome. Darek found this out when he was asked on camera what he had in common with Nicola. It cannot be denied that this was an unfortunate situation, which the young farmer later had to explain at length.

Darek, the youngest participant in the 10th edition of “The Farmer Wants a Wife”, chose Nicola from among all the candidates. The friendship with the student is clearly gaining momentum, although one may get the impression that the host from Łódź is a bit more distant about what connects him with his chosen one. And it certainly doesn’t come as naturally to him as her showing affection and declarations in front of the camera.

Even a walk together under an umbrella in the village turned out to be difficult for Darek. Firstly, because, according to Nicola, the boy did not want to hug her, secondly, he was afraid of what the neighbors would say…

– You’re ashamed – Nicola joked about the farmer’s behavior, but the joint walk on the forum actually made Darek nervous, who commented on it as follows: – The whole village will soon look out the window: “what the fuck is going on here…”, fame will soon spread – the host was stressed. , who was quite tense even when alone with the girl.

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When Nicola hugged him or wanted to kiss him, it was clear that Darek was paying attention not so much to her but to the cameras accompanying them. It was even more interesting when she visited them

Marta Manowska

. The farmer’s girlfriend admitted that they were on the same wavelength (“we have flow”) and that Darek would soon pay her a visit.

In a private conversation with the presenter, he stated that Nikola is “crazy”, in the positive sense of the word. Nevertheless, when asked by Manowska whether they were a couple, he definitely denied it. Nikola saw it differently, after being left alone on Darek’s farm, she felt a “breakthrough” in their relationship. When she heard the question about whether she and Darek were a couple, she had no doubts.

– Are you already a couple? – Manowska asked.

– Yes, since yesterday – said Nicola without hesitation, clearly surprised by the TVP presenter’s outburst of laughter when it turned out that the couple’s testimony on this topic was completely inconsistent. It cannot be denied that at the sight of the girl’s disconsolate face, Darek began to explain a lot.

– I said that there are signs of a relationship… – the farmer tried to save the situation

TVP program,

who finally admitted that she and Nicola were a couple.

– I found a boyfriend, but love? – Nicola wasn’t sure of that yet, assessing her relationship with Darek in her statement in front of the camera.

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