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All streaming services for a year. The price is impressive


In recent years, many websites allowing watching films and series on demand have entered Poland. The native speaker therefore has a lot of choice. They differ in price and offers. Ultimately, however, we often decide on more than one subscription.

What if you bought them all? I decided to check how much all streaming services in Poland cost per month and per year. Fortunately, a 12-month subscription usually allows you to save some money, so it shouldn’t be that bad, right? It turns out that not necessarily.

I will start my list with Netflixa, because it’s the service I’ve been using the longest. Over the years, the price of Netflix has changed, as has the ability to share an account with others. Currently, the platform offers 3 packages:

  • Basic – price PLN 29/month;
  • Standard – price PLN 43/month;
  • Premium – price PLN 60/month;

Let’s assume that we are interested in the Premium package – we want to have the best image quality and use the website on various devices. This means that Netflix will cost us as much as PLN 720 for a year. It’s a lot, but I already admit that this streaming service is the most expensive. From there it will only be “cheaper”.

It’s time for HBO MAX. This streaming service, unlike Netflix, offers only one plan, without division into quality or number of users. The price of HBO MAX per month is PLN 29.99, which means that in the monthly settlement for a year of service we will pay PLN 359.88. Fortunately, it is possible to pay HBO MAX subscription for a year in advance for PLN 234.99. Then the average monthly price is less than PLN 20, and we save PLN 125. Let’s select this package.

Time for Disney+, which is another streaming service with one package available. It has recently become more expensive and currently costs PLN 37.99 per month. If we renewed the subscription every month, at the end of the year it would turn out that we had paid as much as PLN 455.88. This is a lot, so it is more profitable to pay in advance for 12 months. Disney+ per year it costs PLN 379.90, so we get two months for free.

It’s time to take a break from high costs and pay up Amazon Prime Video. This is a very interesting situation, because it is probably the best streaming service if we take into account the price-quality ratio. Amazon Prime Price per month is PLN 10.99 (PLN 131.88 per year), but for only PLN 49 in advance We will pay for a 12-month subscription. The price also includes free shipping from Amazon and free games and add-ons every month.

Time for SkyShowtime. In this case, there are two options: one applies to new subscribers and the other to returning subscribers. A promotional offer has been prepared for new users, thanks to which we will pay PLN 14.99 for the first 3 months and PLN 24.99 thereafter. This means that SkyShowtime price for a year will amount to PLN 269.88.

Now Apple TV. In this case, the price is one and amounts to PLN 34.99, although the service can be tested within a 7-day trial period. There are no catches and cuts – the price for a year is PLN 419.88 and we cannot influence it with an upfront fee for 12 months.

Do you think it’s over? Nothing could be further from the truth, because there are several other websites ahead of us. Let’s take YouTube Premium as a wallpaper. Service from Google allows us to, among others: watching videos without ads and accessing music streaming. The price of YouTube Premium is PLN 25.99so we will pay PLN 311.88 for a year, although there is also an option for families and students.

Let’s take a look at Canal+ Online. Access to TV and VOD via the Internet is a great option if you do not want to use a decoder and a long contract. The monthly price is PLN 54, but we can save by opting for an annual package. If paid in advance, it will amount to PLN 468 (PLN 34 per month). If we pay for the service every month, we will reduce our account by PLN 648 in a year.

Next in line is the Polsat Box Go Premium package. In this case, the price during the current promotion is PLN 30 per month, if we are not interested in additional services. It is PLN 30 per month, therefore one year of using the platform Polsat Box Go Premium means a cost of PLN 360.

Since we are in the TV climate, let’s also add Player without ads to the cart. The service costs PLN 20 for a month, or PLN 100 for 6 months. This means that we will pay either PLN 240 per year (monthly settlement) or PLN 200 per year if paid every six months. Finally, the TVP VOD platform was left. It costs PLN 9.99 per month, but it is more profitable to pay in advance for a year, which will amount to PLN 44.99.

We have already learned the prices of all services per month and per year, so it’s time to summarize the costs:

  • Netflix – PLN 60/month (PLN 720 per year)
  • HBO MAX – PLN 29.99/month (PLN 359.88 or PLN 234.99 per year)
  • Disney+ – PLN 37.99/month (PLN 455.88 or PLN 379.90 per year)
  • Amazon Prime – PLN 10.99/month (PLN 131.88 or PLN 49 per year)
  • SkyShowtime – PLN 14.99 and PLN 24.99/month (PLN 269.88 per year)
  • Apple TV – PLN 34.99/month (PLN 419.88 per year)
  • YouTube Premium – PLN 25.99/month (PLN 311.88 per year)
  • Canal+ Online – PLN 54/month (PLN 648 or PLN 468 per year)
  • Polsat Box Go Premium – PLN 30/month (PLN 360 per year)
  • Player without ads – PLN 20/month (PLN 240 or 200 per year)
  • TVP VOD – PLN 9.99/month (PLN 119.88 or PLN 44.99 per year)

Where do the discrepancies in some prices for the year come from? The idea is to pay for the service monthly or in advance for 12 months. In the second case, we immediately incur a large cost, but on average the fee per month is lower. This is a saving on an annual basis.

If we decide to pay for subscriptions to all streaming platforms, we can reduce the cost by choosing, for example, annual options. Then the price is slightly more favorable. The cost of all platforms will then be PLN 3,458.52. This is a huge cost, but it is still less than if we paid for everything every month.

If you choose a monthly settlement instead of an annual one, the cost will be higher for some services. In such a situation, we will spend approximately PLN 4,037 on streaming services per year. The difference therefore exceeds half a thousand, so it is definitely not worth using monthly renewed subscriptions – unless we actually intend to use the services.

On January 1, 2024, the minimum wage will increase in Poland. From the new year, at least PLN 3,221.98 will be transferred to the employee’s account, which means that the monthly minimum earnings will not allow you to pay for all streaming services and platforms.

However, it seems that few people allow themselves such extravagance. Cost is one thing, but finding time to use all the services seems extremely impossible, right?


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