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Alexander Lukashenko on “putting an end to the unjustified militarization of the country”


“Our common past is a centuries-old common Christian and cultural heritage, extensive and friendly contacts between the peoples of both countries. Only by paying attention to historical events and strengthening ties on the basis of partnership and trust can we build the future.” Alexander Lukashenko said in a statement quoted by his office, published on the occasion of the Polish Independence Day on November 11.

In his wishes addressed to Poles, the Belarusian leader referred to the parliamentary elections and the change of power in our country.

As he emphasized, Belarusians respect the choice that Poles have recently made. “He clearly showed his willingness to stop the senseless search for internal contradictions and external threats. I hope that Warsaw will listen to the voice of its citizens calling for living in peace and harmony with representatives of all nations and religions, and will consider the friendly hand of cooperation shown by Belarus. said Alexander Lukashenko.

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Lukashenko on the “unjustified militarization of the country”

The politician expressed his belief that the best guarantee of security for Poland today is “friendly neighborhood, putting an end to the unjustified militarization of the country and the arms race“.

“Only together, step by step, will we be able to contribute to overcoming the confrontation in our region. Belarus is ready for this.” argued Alexander Lukashenko.


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