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After Oh Fatima, Chris Gayle says his desire to work with Deepika Padukone


MUMBAI, May 23 (IANS) Following his epic performance at the IPL, Chris Gayle is exploring the music video space with “Oh Fatima,” his first-ever collaboration with singer-songwriter and music composer Arko Pravo Mukherjee.

Angered by the response to “Oh Fatima”, the Jamaican swashbuckler and IPL heavy hitter expressed his desire to inaugurate a Bollywood career with Deepika Padukone (never the less!).

Ya Fatima, according to its makers, is a unique collaboration between two styles from two parts of the world. This energetic song fuses Indian and Jamaican styles of music and the result is “a soulful, groovy and energetic track”.

The song was written, penned and composed by Arko and Chris Gayle and directed by Ramji Gulati. It also features Karina Kara, an artist from Uzbekistan.

In the music video, Arko and “Universe Boss,” as Gayle is known, take you all over the UAE with Fatima and her friends.

Speaking during the launch of the song on Monday evening, Gayle said, “My stint with India and IPL has been unforgettable, and my natural love for music and singing is complemented by ‘Ya Fatima.’ The great song, great locations, great partnership and super collaboration with Arko and the team will be a treat for people on a level the world “

Arko added, “Our aim is to take the Indian music industry to a global platform. Ya Fatima is the embodiment of this desire. Chris Gayle is a global icon. His dynamic personality resonates on the cricket field and in his music.”

So, where does Gayle plan to go from here? He said, “If in future I will have any music album in Bollywood, I would like to sing with Deepika Padukone”. Would it be as easy as hitting a six to land in the stands? Well, only this time will tell.

The song is featured on the official Arko channel.

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