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“After my beloved died, I married his friend. I didn’t know it was because of him that my child lost her father” – Taken from real life


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I was very happy when I met Michał. I fell in love with him at first sight. I was convinced that he’s the one and that we will always be together. We got along great anyway. Our plans overlapped and we complemented each other very well.

We weren’t in a hurry, but I knew that Michał was planning to propose to me at any moment. I didn’t rush him because there was no point. For now, I was content with long walks, meetings over coffee, and in the evenings also over wine, long conversations and going to the cinema. We were good together, and my parents, especially my mother, simply adored him. I didn’t think anything would separate us because I didn’t think we would argue about anything. After all, it would be difficult to find a more compatible couple. However, I did not expect that misfortune would separate us.

Suddenly I was alone

I found out that Michał was dead from his mother. She came to me crying and told me that my fiancé had been in a car accident. I didn’t understand then how it happened or who caused it. The most important thing was that Michał was no longer there. That in the blink of an eye my whole world collapsed like a house of cards. And nothing mattered anymore. Because how could I think about anything knowing that the man I loved was just gone? That he left me alone with it all? Totally.

The worst thing is that a few days earlier I found out that I was pregnant. I didn’t tell him. I simply didn’t make it in time, even though I planned to do so in the near future. On the one hand, I was happy that I would have something permanent from Michał. On the other hand, I was terrified because I didn’t know how I would cope. Because nothing was going to be the same again, and I was… alone. Still. And I suspected that nothing would change in this matter.

I met my fiancé’s friend

I met Irek during the funeral. I was surprised by the great concern with which he looked at the coffin and then at the freshly filled grave. Michał’s parents knew him well – his mother even cried into his jacket for a moment, but his father kept him at a distance. Kind of like something happened between them and for some reason he didn’t want to talk to him. I didn’t ask about it. I decided it was none of my business.

He also came up to me, asked how I was doing and if he could take me home. Even though I didn’t know him before, I agreed. I didn’t really care anyway. While talking to him, I found out that he was Michał’s best friend. Even though I never met him, he often went out with my fiancé. Apparently they did many things together and knew each other from early childhood.

He was very nice to me

He got concerned when I told him I was pregnant. He didn’t run away like most guys would, but still he tried to be close. It quickly turned out that we understood each other quite well. We spent more and more time together, and I couldn’t say a bad word about him. Because he seemed like an ideal, even though he was so different from my beloved. I treated him like a friend, someone I could always rely on. And that was the person I missed the most back then. And this, in turn, made us become closer and closer.

At last Irek proposed to me. Even though he didn’t magically turn into Michael, I agreed. Especially since he also promised to take care of my unborn child. He actually surprised me with this approach to fatherhood and family in general. Guys usually didn’t want to talk about such things, and certainly not so willingly. And they were terrified of women with children, let alone pregnant women.

We became a family

We got married and then lived in a house together. I quickly realized that we complement each other perfectly. We understood each other quite well and we never had an argument. I was a bit touchy, but somehow he always soothed everything and that’s why I still did it we lived in peace. And time passed. My child grew up convinced that Irek was his father.

Was I happy? In some sense. Certainly not to the same extent as with Michał, but I tried to convince myself that it was very similar with Irek. Almost the same. Isn’t that what it was all about? To enjoy what you have?

I got used to living with Irek. My daughter, Asia, was growing and had no idea that she had ever had a parent other than us. Sure, I would like to see her together with Michał, but it was impossible. I finally gave up. I stopped thinking about Michał and focused on Asia and Irek. Apart from that, I was pregnant again. This time I was supposed to give birth to a boy – Kamil. This was my life and I wanted to live it properly. I didn’t have time to play with half-measures.

The truth surprised me

When I calmed down completely, I started reaching out to people. I met with friends whom I had been avoiding lately. These meetings became a habit for me and I enjoyed talking to others. One day I met Zuza, a girl who knew me and Michał. Somehow it turned out that the conversation turned to my first fiancé.

– I feel sorry for Michał, it’s a pity – she admitted then. – And and this thing with Irek… If Michał hadn’t been driving so fast then…

I looked at her in amazement.

– What’s the deal with Irek? – I asked, having a very bad feeling. – Why was Michał driving fast?

Zuza looked at me surprised.

– So you don’t know? – she asked. – Well, Michał was going to pick up Irek! Irek once had terrible problems with alcohol, and then he got drunk. Michał was in a hurry because he didn’t want him to make any mistakes and that’s why he crashed. Irek still cannot forgive himself for this.

I didn’t believe it. I couldn’t put it together. My Michał died because he was going to pick up his best friend. Just. And now I was with the one who was guilty of it. What’s more, I loved him?

I do not know what to think about it

I still can’t get over what I heard from Zuza. I didn’t tell Irek anything because I didn’t really know how to talk to him about it. Despite everything, I have a huge grudge against him. Because if he told me everything… on the other hand, what would it actually change? Would I hate him? She didn’t approach him? She raised her daughter alone? I wouldn’t have Kamil?

Maybe he really approached me out of a sense of duty. Maybe it was because he owed some sick debt to a dead friend. But over time he had to at least get attached. And then fall in love. After all, that’s the feeling I see in his eyes every time I look into them. I am sure that You can’t fake it. At least that’s what I believe. I love him no matter what. And he will be the one by my side for the rest of my days, making the best of his opportunity. I won’t spoil what we managed to create together.

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