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Adam Lambert is under “a lot of pressure” as he prepares to record songs with Queen


LOS ANGELES, April 9 (IANS) Queen guitarist Brian May has announced that they are considering recording new music with former “American Idol” star Adam Lambert after the band dropped their album “Innuendo,” the final album released on late frontman Freddie Mercury’s lifetime. .

“We got sucked in a bit. It’s just that you haven’t heard any of it. It has to be something so special that we feel like releasing it to the public,” Brian said on US radio.

Adam added, “There’s a lot of pressure if you think about it. If they’re going to put out something new, it has to be on a certain level. It has to be the right thing. And I’ve always said, ‘Is it OK for me to do new material?’ I feel like it intimidates me.” .

Queen’s new music will come as a surprise to fans, as Brian recently said he doesn’t think Queen will make an album of new songs with Adam because fans of the band love Freddie so much. The legendary rock band has been touring as “American Idol” runners-up since 2012 with their tours garnering rave reviews and getting bigger and bigger.

There has been much talk and speculation about Queen recording their first LP of new material since Freddie’s death from AIDS in November 1991 at the age of 45, and although Brian, Adam and drummer Roger Taylor had put some potential songs into the studio, they were deterred by Queen fans who were against the idea.

In an interview with Total Guitar magazine, he said: “We were in the studio. We pitched some ideas in the middle of one of those tours. But it never quite got to where we felt it would be right. So we haven’t pursued it yet.”

“I really don’t know. But I think there are some drawbacks there. I think if people see Queen on a record label, they still want Freddie to sing. Jesus Christ could be on it, but they still want Freddie, and I don’t.” I blame people for it. There are people on Instagram who get annoyed at me, ‘Why are you still going on without Freddy?’ And I said, ‘Don’t tell me what I should do! I do what I feel I should do.'”

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