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A woman of Indian descent has been charged with perjury for faking a kidnapping in South Africa


JOHANNESBURG, April 7 (IANS) A 47-year-old man of South African Indian descent has been charged with perjury for faking her kidnapping and demanding a ransom of 2 million rand from her husband.

Firoza Bee Bee Joseph of Phoenix, north of Durban, was tracked down in a hotel room in Pietermaritzburg, by detectives.

She was charged with “defeating the aims of justice”, said Natasha Kara, the representative for the Public Prosecution Service, and was released on bail until her next court appearance on 7 June.

Joseph was arrested earlier this week after police investigations found her version of events was not entirely accurate.

Police spokesman Colonel Robert Nchiyonda said her husband received a call on Monday saying she had been kidnapped and asking him to deposit an undisclosed sum for her release.

According to the indictment, there was a ransom demand of two million rand.

Nchiyonda said her husband received another call from a man who threatened to harm the woman if the money was not paid.

As investigations continued, police found footage of Joseph at a casino in Pietermaritzburg, about 80 kilometers from Phoenix, after ransom calls were made.

Further investigation led police to locate Joseph from a bed and breakfast facility in town, where she had checked in under a different name.

She was also found in possession of all her jewelry, which she claimed had been taken by the kidnappers.

Joseph was released on bail of R3,000 and the matter was adjourned to 7 June for further investigation.

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