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A volleyball player from a Polish club has died. We trained together on Friday


On Sunday, November 19, tragic news was announced about the death of Jakub Opoń, who played in the second-league volleyball team AVIA Solar Sędziszów Małopolski. The body of the 30-year-old was fished out of the river.

The AVIA Solar Sędziszów Małopolski volleyball team, which competes at the third highest level of competition in Poland, delivered terrible news on Sunday, November 19. Information about Jakub Opoń’s death appeared on the club’s official social media profile.

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“There are moments when volleyball fades into the background. There is also information that we would never want to share. Our player, Jakub Opoń, has died. On Friday, we trained together before Saturday’s match, playing baggers as usual. We didn’t know then that these would be your last baggers in life. When we received the information about the disappearance, everyone was optimistic. Unfortunately, the reality turned out to be brutal. Goodbye, my friend,” one can read.

The search for the player was to last from Saturday. According to information provided by the Rzeszów News portal, Opoń was taken home on the night from Friday to Saturday, but he did not return. The 30-year-old’s relatives notified the police about the missing volleyball player. More than a hundred people were said to have taken part in the search.

The player’s body was fished out of the river on Sunday. Commissioner Katarzyna Kosturek, spokeswoman for the police in Strzyżów, spoke about the whole situation in an interview with Rzeszów News.

– Police activities at the place where the body was found will be carried out under the supervision of the prosecutor – she said. She also stated that it was still too early to say clearly under what circumstances the volleyball player’s body ended up in the river.

During his career, Opoń played in teams such as Wisłok Strzyżów and Karpaty Krosno. From 2022, he played for the club from Sędziszów Małopolski.

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