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A strong knockout of the Pole at KSW! There was nothing to collect [WIDEO]


A wonderful knockout at KSW 88. Marcin Wójcik demolished Luis Henrique da Silva at the gala in Radom and in the second round of the fight he sent him to the boards with a powerful uppercut. The rival fell to the mat like a log, although in the first phase of the fight he heroically defended himself against defeat.

Marcin Wójcik (19-8) returned to the KSW federation after five years at the gala in Radom on Saturday, November 11. The Pole faced Luis Henrique Da Silva (19-10), who knocked out former champion Tomasz Narkun last year. Wójcik dominated the Brazilian and did not give him the slightest chance, and in the second round he sent him to the boards.

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The Pole knocked out his rival at KSW 88. He fell like a log

Wójcik controlled the course of the fight from the very beginning. In the first round he managed to bring his opponent to the mat from under the net and completely dominate there. During a longer period of wrestling, the Pole managed to get behind his opponent and catch a choke.

However, Da Silva showed great character and did not tap out, and even managed to break the hold. A moment later, Wójcik had his opponent in control and put him down with punches from above, but he managed to survive until the end of the first round.

The second part started even better for the “giant”. Wójcik first damaged his opponent with a powerful left hook in a counterattack. Then he bombarded him with another combination, which he finished in the best possible way – an incredibly strong uppercut that sent the Brazilian to the floor.

The referee stopped the fight almost immediately after the blow, and Da Silva fell limply to the mat. Marcin Wójcik’s return to KSW after five years can be considered extremely successful. Perhaps the player will even fight for the award for the best knockout of Saturday’s edition of the Polish federation.


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