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A former Gujarat IAS officer has been arrested in a corruption case


AHMEDABAD, July 12 (IANS) Gujarat Police has arrested former IAS officer SK Langa for his alleged involvement in a corruption case that caused an estimated loss of Rs 20 crore to the government, an official said on Wednesday.

According to the police complaint, Langa, a former collector in Gandhinagar district, is accused of abusing his official position.

A police officer said they are currently examining a staggering number of pages of documents submitted with the complaint.

While only two of Langa’s decisions are currently under scrutiny, more than two dozen other matters will be thoroughly investigated as part of the ongoing investigation.

It was alleged that Langa hatched a pre-planned plot for the financial benefit of his associates, manipulated the Non-Agricultural Land (NA) orders, and caused great financial loss to the government by wrongly classifying non-farmers as farmers without paying the required premiums.

Range IG Abhay Chudasama said on Wednesday that Langa was arrested in a bungalow in Mount Abu after a tip-off.

The case has been filed against Langa by an official from the Gandhinagar district administration.

The police stated that Langa’s certificate claiming he was a farmer appeared to be forged.

The authorities investigated the matter in his village near Bhanvad but could not find any supporting records to substantiate Langa’s claim of being a farmer.

In addition, the police briefing highlighted Langa’s significant assets, which include four bungalows in Junagadh, a flat and bungalow in Ahmedabad, a rice mill, and various plots of land.

Talking about the alleged ‘Panami’ property in Langa, the IG revealed that the former IAS officer owned four bungalows in Junagadh and the land in Matar.

Moreover, Langa has properties registered in the names of relatives, including lands, flats and bungalows in Ahmedabad.

Police also learned of Langa’s stake in Amiraj Build Con and his ownership of a rice mill.

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