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A drunk man from Kerala escapes from the police station and climbs into electrical transformers


KOCHI, April 10 (IANS) – In a freak accident, a man climbed onto an electrical transformer after escaping from a police station on Monday in Chalkody town in Kerala state’s Thrissur district.

According to the police, the man was found drunk on the road. He was taken to the local police station, from where he escaped.

An electrical transformer climbed up to hide from the oncoming policemen. What followed was nothing short of a movie spectacle.

The police kept asking them to get off because it was dangerous. But he didn’t care.

In the process, he touched a live electrical wire and fell to the ground.

He was rushed to a local hospital. He did not suffer any major injury from the current, but was reported to have sustained head injuries from the fall. He is later admitted to Thrissur Medical College Hospital and is under observation.

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