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A drunk football player was walking along the street after the match. Euro 2024. One step away from tragedy [WIDEO]


After a draw with the Polish national team in the Czech Republic, a scandal broke out. Three players from this team were kicked out of the training camp. The local media reported that the federation made such a decision because the players partied until the morning, just before the key match against Moldova. A recording of a completely drunk representative walking in the middle of the street appeared on social media.

On Friday, the Polish national team lost their chance to directly advance to the European Championships and drew with the Czech Republic 1-1. Shortly after the match, a scandal broke out among our rivals’ team. The local association published a statement in which it said that Jakub Brabec, Vladimir Coufal and Jan Kuchta had been expelled from the training camp.

Three Czech players were kicked out of the national team for drinking alcohol

Czech media reported the reason for the federation’s decision. It turns out that the three went to a party in Olomouc, where they drank alcohol in a local club and had fun until Sunday morning. There was also a recording on social media of a completely drunk Jakub Brabiec, who was walking in the middle of the street. “The video shows Jakub Brabec drunk in the middle of the street with no contact with reality,” user BuckarooBanzai wrote on Twitter.

All three players played in the starting lineup in the match against Poland. The absence of Coufal may certainly hurt the national team the most. The West Ham right-back is one of the biggest stars of this team and has so far won 40 matches for the national team.

The players’ behavior was very irresponsible, especially since the Czech Republic is still not sure of qualifying for the European Championships. They are currently in second place in the table with 12 points. In the last match they will face Moldova, which is still counting on a historic participation in next year’s tournament. Currently, they are in fourth place with 10 points and to leapfrog the Czechs, they must win a direct match against them. The decisive clash will take place on Monday at 20:45. “Partying until the morning before the most important match of the year, on which the entire Czech football depends, is not normal,” thundered journalist Michal Kvasnica.

The Polish national team only has a friendly match against Latvia left. It is scheduled for Tuesday at 8:45 p.m.


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