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A clash between the government spokesman and a journalist regarding Elżbieta Witek. “I don’t believe”


– This is the scenario planned for this session of the Sejm and I hope that the Sejm will accept this candidacy – the government spokesman said about Elżbieta Witek.

TVN24 journalist Konrad Piasecki pointed out that the opposition accuses Marshal Elżbieta Witek of breaking the rules of the Sejm. – What kind of violation of the rules, exactly? – Müller asked.

Piasecki recalled the famous case of resuming the vote. According to some experts Witek’s decision at that time was unauthorized. — The Rules of Procedure of the Sejm provide for resumption. This was not the only resumption in the history of the Sejm, replied the government spokesman.

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Piotr Müller on the choice of Elżbieta Witek. “We do not foresee any other scenario”

Piasecki then asked the politician what would happen if the new parliamentary majority did not accept Elżbieta Witek’s candidacy. – Mr. Editor, I don’t believe it. You have said here many times that this is a democratic opposition, that they have standards. You probably don’t believe they would behave like that. I don’t believe it, said Müller ironically.


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