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A bold photo session of the “most beautiful soccer player”. The fans’ jaws dropped


Alisha Lehmann this is currently Jone of the most popular soccer players in the world. The Swiss representative is well known to fans in England because she usually plays for the women’s club Aston Villa. In July, she joined her teammates in the fight for gold at the world championships. And although Switzerland did not advance to the final, the 24-year-old could count on new followers after the competition, because her social media profiles are breaking popularity records. Currently, he follows the athlete on Instagram 15.2 million users. And it is worth adding that the number it’s constantly going up.

Some time ago, the star admitted that he has a problem because of his popularity with some fans. It turned out that some of them were only interested in her activities on the Internet. “Many people only see the non-sports side and not how he looks on the pitch. Sometimes I’m very disappointed, because I work hard every day for my results,” she complained to The Times journalists.

Protests on the streets of Madrid. “Rubiales must go.” VIDEO/REBECCA MAYORGAAFPTVAFP/AFP

“The most beautiful soccer player in the world” once again impressed. The fans were speechless

The English club’s player does not hide the fact that she feels like a fish out of water in front of the camera. A few months ago, the Swiss received a great honor and stayed the first woman to appear on the cover of SWM magazine. And if that wasn’t enough, now the athlete took part in another spectacular photo session. Last year, fans could buy calendars with photos of the soccer player and, as you can see, they created a sensation on the marketbecause Alisha Lehmann is preparing another project for fans.

She showed what the cover would look like via social media. The athlete posed for photos in a black bodysuit and high leather shoes. It didn’t take long for the fans to react. They were enchanted by the Aston Villa star. “Princess”, “Wow, that’s great”, “Perfect in every respect” – they complimented the 24-year-old.

Moreover, the Swiss woman revealed that the calendar will be available in limited edition. It will not be the cheapest, as one copy costs money 49.99 pounds, or over PLN 269.

Alisha Lehmann/Alex Nicodim / NurPhoto / NurPhoto/AFP

Alisha Lehmann/Alex Nicodim/NurPhoto/AFP

Alisha Lehmann (L) for Aston Villa/John Mallett / ProSportsImages / DPPI/AFP


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