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3 arrested for burglary at a jewelry store in Delhi


NEW DELHI, April 7 Three people have been arrested on charges of looting two kilograms of gold and 4,000 rupees in cash at gunpoint from a jewelery shop in Nangloi village in the national capital, police said on Friday.

The accused, Paramjit, Nitesh and Abhishek, were arrested from Mundka on Thursday, said Harinder Kumar Singh, an external office based in Delhi. Singh said about 259 grams of gold, 30,000 rupees of cash and guns were recovered from their possession.

“ACP Arun Kumar Chaudhary and Inspector Praveen Kumar received a tip off after which a raid was carried out in Mundka district and the accused were arrested,” said Mr Singh.

The accused Nitish was also wanted in the case of killing a traffic policeman in Alban Shahbad district. Their assistants Roshan, Rajat and Shabnam are one fugitives in this matter.

“The accused took a rented accommodation in Luxmi Park. Shabnam visited the jewelry store several times. She and another person were interrogated,” the source said.

According to the information, the accident occurred on April 4, at around 1:30 pm

Virender Verma, the store owner, told IANS that he, along with his employees Jai Prakash Soni and Rahul, were dealing with customers when four masked men entered the store and threatened them at gunpoint.

They asked me to hand over all the valuables and started picking up the gold jewelry. One of their assistants was standing at the entrance gate. They took all the gold and left. A little later, someone entered again and took a bag kept in our lockers. I tried to chase them, but they opened fire while fleeing from the scene,” Verma said.

The police filed a police suit and formed several teams. Police said they were conducting raids to arrest the fugitive defendants’ assistants.

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