The original Siberian Huskies that Leonhard Seppala brought to Poland Spring, Maine in the 1920's are different than their show dog cousins of today in many ways.

Shawn White of Boston Mass with Poland Spring's Pirate at point Jan, 07

For almost 2000 years, Siberian Sleddogs had been bred by the Chuckchi, Koryak, and Kamschadal natives of Siberia for the function of sledding in an unforgiving environment; not for a ribbon or trophy in a show ring, but for food, for survival. The result of centuries of natural selection, freezing trial and deathly error, are the dogs you find here at Poland Spring Seppala Kennels.

Poland Spring's Freud of Seppalta

Seppala Siberian Sleddogs are primitive, wolfy looking dogs weighing 45-60 pounds, with dense coats of varied colors and markings. Their body mass varried from sleek to stocky depending on what area of Siberia they came from. For example, if the indigenous people needed freight dogs for their river and ocean side villages they would have thicker dogs. Other tribes needed sleeker faster dogs to support their nomadic pursuit of reindeer. Seppala Siberians have wide tough feet, tall ears, and piercing eyes.

Seppala Siberian Sleddogs are known to be among the most intelligent of breeds. In spirit they are primitively independent yet loyal, social, predatory with small animals (though they are fine with them if raised to see them as part of the family), and responsive to training. They are easily house broken, and are very clean natured, despite the annual heavy shedding of their wooly undercoats.

Poland Spring's Cuchi of Seppala (Markovo pure Seppala)

Seppala Siberians are great with children. It is said the Chuckchi women often breast fed their pups to create a bond between these otherwise wolfy dogs and their owners. This bond is apparent to owners today, although my wife won't hear of being the Kennel wet-nurse. A lack of dedication I guess ; ^) Most important of all, Seppala Siberian Sleddogs pull a sled longer, faster, with less injury and less food than any other registered breed. This final point has always been paramount. All Poland Spring Seppala Siberians are proven in harness (the function for which they were bred) and are not bred unless they excel in this prehistoric arena!

-Jonathan Nathaniel Hayes at the 2006 Can Am Crown Race with Poland Spring's Eve of Seppalta and Poland Spring's Pirate